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coboard Industries Ltd is a company devoted to the cause of promotion of eco-friendly technologies and products. It is engaged in 2 lines of business

i) Manufacture and Sale of wood free particle boards from non-conventional renewable materials like agro residue and
ii) Supply and Erection of effluent treatment plants for distilleries and allied industries.

The wood-free particle boards are produced by the company from agri residues (mostly sugarcane), a renewable raw material available in India in abundance. The company has modified the traditional technology of wood-chip based particle boards and perfected it for agro based particle boards. The company has two plants in State of Maharashtra for production of such wood-free particle boards. The combined production of these two plants is 5.1 million square meter of boards (90000 cubic meters) annually. The company is the largest producer of particle boards in India and at full capacity utilization the plants can substitute demand for wood equivalent to a hundred thousand trees annually.

In case of effluent treatment plants, the company has perfected technology for reduction of BOD and COD in effluent of distilleries by almost 90% and 70% respectively. In the process, not only pollutants are reduced substantially but also valuable quantity of biogas is recovered as non-conventional renewable energy from the effluent. Such biogas generation provides a clean and green fuel to the parent industry for generation of power. The country saves half a million tones of coal annually and saves the fossil fuel. The company’s process is respected as the best process available in India. Company has so far set up 45 such plants in India and neighboring countries. These plants process and treat 20000 cubic meters of effluents daily and make a major contribution in saving the environment.

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