The Philosophy


ndia, in its quest for industrialisation and urbanization, has killed vast areas of its green cover. The green cover used to be 50% of its geographical area in the country at the time of independence has come down to low of 19% by end of last century. In the backdrop of such dismissal state of forest resources in the country, Ecoboard’s efforts to provide viable alternative to wood and wood based products need all round support and encouragement.

  • Ecoboard conserves tree resources and forest wealth.
  • Ecoboard saves environment from pollutants.
  • Ecoboard promotes rural economy and employment.
  • Ecoboard helps farmers getting remunerative price for their agro residues.
  • Ecoboard promotes self employment among carpenters, artisans etc.
  • Ecoboard prevents exodus from rural and urban areas.

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