Organic Liquid Waste

Our Bio System Division

Our Bio System Division is pleased to offer its rich experience of 25 30 years in this specialized field bybeing the single largest agency in the country, perhaps in the world to have successfully installed and commissioned over 75 Sulzer Technology based CSTR Biogas Plants in various distilleries in Indian and neighboring countries for recovery / generation of Energy from Distillery Effluent (spentwash), while primarily treating the same for control of pollution.A blessing in disguise for preserving valuable fossil fuels and protecting flora and fauna from pollution.

Features of Ecoboard Industry’s CSTR Biogas Plant
  • Technology designed an d developed by SULZER’s of Switzerland to specifically suit Indian / Tropical sugar molasses/Grain based distillery spentwash.
  • High retention time of 18-20 days or more.
  • Medialess digester with specially designed central and lateral agitators for clog free homogenous mixing.
  • Easy draining of dead / excess biomass and inorganic constituents from the digester.
  • Sludge recycling and clarification by specially designed Lamella Clarifier.
  • Consistent performance in-terms of BOD & COD reductions and optimum biogas generation.
  • Negligible operating & maintenance cost.
  • Early payback period of 2-3 years.

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