Organic Solid Waste


coboard Industries Limited developed state of the art technology for Organic Solid Waste Disposal in-collaboration with renowed German company.
a. A system that would recycle the waste as composite to the soil while recovering substantial renewable energy in the form of Biogas.
b. This technology overtakes and is preferable over the oldest technique of burning organic waste to recover energy.

Anaerobic Process
  • Clean Energy is removed in form of Biogas and Organic Manure.
  • 100 Tons of Solid Organic Waste per day produces 1MW power (depends on composition)
  • Produces 30% Solid Organic Manure
  • Produces 20% Liquid Organic Manure
Incineration Process

Produces carbon Emission while recovering energy.
100 Tons burning generate 1MW but produces enormous carbon emissions not allowed by environmental laws.
No solid Manure
No liquid Manure

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